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Quality Plan

1. Purpose

  • To identify guidelines for preparing a document which is part of Quality Management System and ensure that project quality is controlled.

  • 2. Scope

  • This procedure is applicable to all contracts in which a quality plan is required to be established.

  • 3. Responsibilities

  • General Manager is responsible for the review and approval of Quality Plan.
  • Management Representative Is responsible for the preparation of Quality Plan in close coordination with both Projects Engineer and Design Manager.
  • Projects Engineer is responsible for the monitoring and control of Quality Plan.
  • Resident Engineer is responsible for the implementation, co-ordination and control of Quality Plan.

  • 4. Procedure
    Preparation and Issue

  • Prior to project execution Management Representative shall prepare Quality Plan in co-operation with Projects Engineer and Design Engineer.
  • Once prepared Quality Plan shall be forwarded to General Manager for review and approval.
  • Copies of Quality Plan are to be kept with Projects Engineer, Resident Engineer and Management Representative.

  • 4.2. Quality Plan Content
    Quality plan shall include the followings:

  • Project Title and location.
  • General description of project key parameters.
  • Company quality policy and Project quality objectives.
  • Project Organization Chart.
  • Job description of key personnel in the project.
  • List of project documents (specification, Drawings, agreements ..etc).
  • Project execution plan.
  • List of applicable quality management system procedures.
  • Applicable method of statements.
  • Project Inspection and Test Plan.
  • Project Internal Audit Plan.
  • Project applicable quality forms.

  • 4.3. External Participants
  • The quality plan shall include reference to all companies participating in the project and with whom AEC can be expected to interface. The reference shall include key person and address.
  • For each external participant quality plan shall identify the functions and responsibilities to be undertaken, which can be any of the followings:
  • The Customer (including any of his subsidiary departments).
  • Nominated outside professional organizations with whom AEC are involved in carrying out project work.
  • Outside organizations other than professional, i.e manufacturing/process plan ..etc.

  • 4.4. Customer’s Requirements
  • Should the customer have any specific additional requirements on the project then these shall be clearly stated in the quality plan.



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